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Back Left Kitchen View

The Imperative

Hitting the problem before us head-on!

The Geodesic Earthworks Forming System is a fully engineered, patent-pending (in part) custom-shell concrete product that is designed to be earth-sheltered; it represents a novel construction technology that is not only timely, it is imperative. Why? Because virtually every factor leading to the American Dream of home ownership is working AGAINST millions of Americans! What happened to the time when people owned their homes (outright)?

The good news is that we can now do much more with much less. With a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs, we can not only rescue but RAISE our standard of living and we can likely do so at the same or less cost. We can restore the American Dream of home ownership!

Until our buildings, by their very design, begin to harvest the infinite supply of free BTU's from the Sun itself, utilities will continue to be a debilitating and expensive resource.

The United States has:
3% of the world's population, yet consumes
25% of the world's energy.
40% of that energy is used to heat and cool America's homes. 

What's needed: A home design that is more affordable and more secure; GEDFS structures will perform even under zero available energy scenarios.