Concrete Forming System

To the left (or above) is a picture of the interior view of our 1/8 Proof of Concept model Geodesic Earthworks Dome Forming System (the outside is seen under “Why Geodesic Domes?”). This ‘invention’ is now pending in the US Patent Office (see NOTICE below) and allows for the most accurately constructed geodesic dome possible. No geodesic dome until now has ever been constructed in this way, and no other dome will construct with the degree of accuracy that ours will for ANY application!!

((This isn’t obvious from a picture, of course; it’s all in the dynamics, the “function”. So this prototype is highly original (hence its ‘patent-ability’). We’re describing it as a “discontinuous strut system” of geodesic dome construction. Why? Because every strut is in contact with just one other strut (the ‘strut-strut’ connection: they’re bolted together), and every panel is independent of every other panel; (the ‘panel-panel’ connection). What remains is the panel-strut connection which allows for rotation around the ‘panel edge’ axis which allows ‘self-adjusting’ or ‘self-optimizing’ to the proper ‘dihedral’ angle (there are 10 of these angles for the 4 frequency geodesic dome) as it goes through the assembly process)).

This ‘quality’ of accuracy in turn insures the strongest form will be erected. It is against this form that our specially formulated concrete mix will be spray-applied. After all, it is expected to hold-up the three-foot earth-load that gets placed on top and the expanded landmass that surrounds the dome!

The Geodesic Earthworks Dome-Forming System has been very carefully and professionally engineered. For instance, there were a variety of ways to achieve acceptable strength levels from our floor supports, knee and retaining walls. Not so with the geodesic dome itself. This step calls for a very specific concrete mix that is to be installed very exactly and without deviation.

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Nov. 22, 2018

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May 16, 2018


James C. Garofalo and Robert L. Keller